Renting with Pets

Finding a home for you and your pet(s) can be challenging, but is very important to ensure that your little family can stay together. We have compiled a few ideas of how to make it easier to look for pet-friendly housing for you and your furry friend(s):

These resources are to assist cat owners. The contents of external web sites are beyond Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC control. Start by looking at websites that offer pet-friendly housing:

Other things to consider:

Contact a realtor and/or rental agencies before your lease expires and let them know that you are looking for pet-friendly housing.

Search in newspapers for ads that say “pets allowed.”

Consider paying a higher security deposit. Reassure the landlord that your pet has not been destructive in the past, or, if s/he has, how you handled it.

Show that you are a responsible pet owner. Provide a letter of reference from your current landlord verifying that you are a responsible pet owner or a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet receives proper medical care.

Get it in writing that your landlord has agreed to allow you to keep a pet in your new apartment.

Do not try to sneak your pet into your new apartment. This could result in you breaking your rental agreement and losing the apartment.

The Humane Society of the United States has a wonderful website with further in-depth information about renting with pets: