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Help the Cats of Duncan’s Place!

Duncan’s Place provides veterinary care, proper nutrition, safe shelter, and love for the rescued animals that are welcomed into our sanctuary. We gladly accept and appreciate any and all donations. A huge THANK YOU to all of our donors!

Our Wish List:img_1249

  • Large pet porters, crates, or cages in good condition.
  • Round fleece cat beds.
  • Cleaning supplies from soap to bleach to towels to mops.
  • Blankets and towels.
  • Ceramic or metal food bowls.
  • Large plastic bins for dog food.
  • Canned and dry cat and dog food; also treats.
  • Office supplies such as  copy paper, assorted color pocket folders, etc.
  • Catnip.
  • Cat collars with safety release.
  • Cat litter and litter boxes.
  • Powdered kitten milk replacer and nursing bottles.
  • Flower essences such as Rescue Remedy.
  • Gift certificates for grooming, print shops, office supplies, etc.
  • More foster homes and volunteers. Fill out foster application here!

Donate to our Food Pantry!

Dudley’s Delectables is our food bank. Through it, we help families in need keep their beloved pets by providing food and supplies that might otherwise be unaffordable in this tough economy.

We accept donations of all kinds of pet food and supplies. Please Email us if you can help.  Put “Donations” in the subject line.


Help us by donating your time!  We need foster homes, people to help unload food deliveries several times a year, and any other odd task that comes up in cat rescue! I want to help!

Recycle for Pets!

We participate in Recycle for Pets, in which we receive cash for empty laser and inkjet cartridges, used cellphones, PDAs, GPS systems, and iPods. Don’t throw it out-donate it to the kitties!  Email us with subject line “Recycle” if you have any items!

Our Charity Status

Duncan’s Place operates on all private donations; we receive no state or federal funding. We are happy to apply your donation toward a specific project, special interest, certain animal, or type of sponsorship at your request. Thank you for your generous support!

We are a federal and state 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and your donation is fully tax- deductible. We are also PACFA certified through the Department of Agriculture.

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