Cathy’s Cat Tale

During the holiday season of 1999, I came across a television program about Scottish Fold cats. I knew that these breeds have a tendency to be expensive and can be rare to find. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a breed that I would like to have.

During my tenure as a Veterinary Tech student at Colorado Mountain College, a couple brought in a cat for us to take care of. The couple was no longer able to provide the care for him that it needed. They called him Duncan. To my surprise, he was a Scottish Fold. He immediately became part of my household.

Our namesake, Duncan.

Our namesake, Duncan.

I returned to Loveland after graduating from CMC with an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology, bringing Duncan with me. I worked in animal emergency hospitals and did relief work with veterinarians.

It was during this time that I witnessed the harm and cruelty that can come to animals. But I was also able to witness the genuine kindness of people towards animals. I started to develop the desire to provide resources for rescue animals.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Studies from CSU in 2006, I started working with a variety of non-profit agencies, learning more about the field and where help was needed.

It was while I was working with one of these agencies that Duncan went into respiratory arrest and was unable to breathe. Even though Duncan was 20 years old or so, which is quite old for a cat, it was difficult to put him to sleep. As it turned out, he had cancer and his lungs were filling up with fluid.

Shortly after this, I was able to start my own non-profit to care for rescues and I called it ‘Duncan’s Place’ in honor of the friend that I took into my home many years earlier. That household has grown to include a beautiful gray and white longhair I call ‘Bonita’, and her two kitten, Sophie. Later Andrew and Ainsley joined the clan.

So this is how Duncan’s Place came into being and why it’s called what it is. There are so many more cats that need our help. With your help, we can do some pretty great things for these warm and cuddly creatures that want nothing but our love.