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More Thank Yous

We have truly lucked out in securing help from the Ralph & Virginia Mullin Foundation. They have agreed to sponsor Duncan’s Place in gaining our federal non-profit 501c status, and are paying all fees associated in this very labor intense process! THANK YOU!

Also, another thank you to Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter, for their generous donations of cat litter!

Good Work!

On the follow up calls and e-mails that we do to make sure that everything is going okay, and to see if the new parents have questions or concerns, we get high marks!

They all express how much they love their new additions and how wonderful our cats are, so good work!

Even our semi-feral Kitty Boy is actually becoming a family pet, so yeah, team!!!

More Kitties Comin’

I'm a cutie, and I'm a polydactyl!

I'm a cutie, and I'm a polydactyl!

Just took in a beautiful Siamese X with dilute calico markings on her face, her name is Isis and loves my kitties, especially Nigel. She is overcoming her shyness and actually let me hold her today, trust me on this one it was a big step for her!!!

Larimer Humane contacted me, needing a home that will work with her. Slow going but we are doing this right and have helped 6 lives to better homes. We have taken in 17 other puds and have 2 puds waiting to come into our fold.

Jet Setting Cat

Maddie has been pre-adopted to a very nice lady. She will stay here,’til after her surgery, and then the little one will be spirited off, no quibbling over price or anything.

Her nice adoptive mom also wants to volunteer; she graduates in May but still it’s another helping hand.

Also, Maddie will be a jet setter, going to Texas and back and forth to Brazil!!!

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