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Calling all Cat Lovers!

See a great cat show and help Duncan’s Place at the same time!

In honor of National ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat’ month, NoCo LoCo Cat Club is proud to present “A Summer Siesta” fundraising cat show on June 20, 2009 at The Ranch/Larimer County Fairgrounds. $1 from every admission ticket will go directly to Duncan’s Place-a local Feline Sanctuary and Foster System.

This fundraising event showcases the finest pedigreed and household pet felines representing over 25 breeds in competition.

Read more in the press release:

(Fort Collins, CO) March 16, 2009—NoCo LoCo Cat Club, based in Northern Colorado, is pleased to announce their Annual Purebred and Household Pet Cat Show June 20, 2009. This one day event will showcase cats from around the county with premier representatives of unique traits ranging from spots to dots, big ears to tiny ears, fluffy coats to virtually hairless. Root for the household pet felines (mixed breed) as they strut their stuff, just like their purebred counterparts. The show features 8 competition rings and Meow Street shopping for that special four-legged friend in your life. Whether watching, competing or shopping this IS the place to be.

NoCo LoCo is working with Duncan’s Place, a Loveland-based Feline Sanctuary and Foster System for homeless felines. With love, attention and hard work Duncan’s Place has proven to be a much needed resource in the community. Because of this, NoCo LoCo will donate $1 from each admission ticket directly to them. Other fundraising activities are planned to show a sign of support.

Join us this year as the word is out, we are LoCo!

Hours: Saturday June 20, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Recycle for Cats!

Save the kitties while saving the planet! Its a win-win!

Save the kitties while saving the planet! It's a win-win!

Did you know you can save the Earth and save kitties at the same time?

We participate in Recycle for Pets, in which we receive cash for empty laser and inkjet cartridges, used cell phones, laptops, PDAs, GPS systems, and iPods.

Don’t throw it out–donate it to the kitties!

Spring Thank Yous

Lots more thank yous to the following wonderful folks!

Skip Freeman – Top notch animal supporter (Tilly among others he has helped) and friend of DP’s

Judy Prins – Supporter of Schimmo and DP’s

JB’s Legacy – They will be at the NoCo LoCo Cat Show in June and have made us part of their Amanda’s Gift program

Sam the Manager at the Loveland PetSmart – Thanks for the discounts!

Loveland, Banfield the Pet Hospital – For the supplies and support, thanks Dr. Morgan!

Gayle Hoebermann – Supporter of kitties and DP’s :)

Michelle Simon of Photogenix – Super duper foster as well as official photographer of DP’s and the NoCo LoCo cat show!

Custom Framer, Loveland – Wonderful donation and volunteer work!