Whisker Chatter

Kitty Boot Camp Update

Kitty boot camp update on Nigel… :)

Nigel is doing very well. He’s adjusting and has begun to realize he can’t rule everything. The door was open and he stayed inside… Yeah!!!!! We haven’t had to use meds on him except for when he first came here. I think he will be just fine. Some boundaries and discipline have made a huge difference.

Estes and Thompson were adopted this week by separate but great families, the little ones picked their people right away, it was different days but they knew.

Thompson is going to stay Thompson, but Hunter S. Thompson, or Gonzo. Estes is going to be part of her people’s official wedding this month. Bridget is pre-adopted, and we’re just waiting for her to grow some more, her person is anxiously awaiting her and visiting her on a weekly basis. Bridge is a whooping 1.6 lbs now, so she might gain more soon.