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NoCo LoCo a Huge Success!

A huge thank you goes out to Jackie Rose, NoCo LoCo Person extraordinaire! Jackie is the wonderful woman who picked us as the beneficiary of NoCo LoCo’s Cat Show, so we could get much needed PR and donations. Jackie is a Rock Star!!!

Jackie also donated lots of food and coupons to DP. THANK YOU, JACKIE!

You can watch her here in action:

NoCo LoCo raised over $300 from admission tickets alone, and we had over $200 in donations, and more coming!

Thank you to all who participated or stopped by, for the donuts from Judy, Kathryn and Addison for their terrific energy, to my poor mom who was there from 7:30 am to 6:30, and thank you to the many people who gave generously to us!!! Also JB’s Legacy for the lovely cards, cat mats, and monetary donation, wow!!

So Many Thank Yous to…

Poudre Feed, who gave us a couple of cases of canned food (Kathryn, store manager, rocks!) and gave us a break on Yeowww Catnip Toys which Tilly and Spice promptly got very high on… Tilly was sitting on my lap with all legs out and eyes glazed over, then she had the munchies. :) They both got very pretty rosettes at the cat show as well and were told they were the very best kitties in the show by several people. :)

Lisa Berg and her parents, who went on a spending spree at Poudre Feed, buying a truckload of both dry and canned food for out kitties and our food bank for cats, so they can stay with their families through these tough times!!

Andra Fischgrund for her donation to help us help our kitties, from Boulder no less. :)

Bob Schein for his generous donation!!

Nutra Vet for their donation of products we use!!!

I am truly grateful to all of those who have helped Duncan’s Place, in one way or another!! THANK YOU!!!!

More Forever Homes

Spice (now called Molly) was adopted yesterday as a happy result from the cat show! :) She is living with a wonderful woman named Barbara and her husband. Barbara met and fell in love with our little Spice (Molly) at the show and came to adopt her on Sunday, after a shopping spree. :)

Also, Zorro just got adopted and will be heading to her new home Saturday. :) Wahoo!!!


Many thanks to Gayle Hoebermann for her donation that has allowed us to acquire some Duncan’s Place t-shirts. Thank you, Gayle!

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

Want one?

These cute white shirts are $15 + $2 shipping.


Thank you!

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