So many generous people have helped DP!

A HUGE HUGE thank you to Cindy Graves, she is our event planner for our big fundraising event on October 3 at Biaggi’s. Cindy is fabulous and her family is as well!!! If you have time to spare, Cindy needs help, committee, volunteers, sponsorships, donations… it’s gonna be BIG!

The Edward Gorey House donated 3 laser cell prints of Gorey’s art work to us, worth $150 for the silent auction at the event. THANK YOU!

We have a special needs kitty: Ching Ching had a pyometria and it was huge and about to explode and she could have gone septic and died if we did not take her in when we did. We were so lucky that Dr. Garcia at Highland Hills Pet Hospital did the surgery. She also did Gizmo’s spay and dental surgery, her mouth was beyond infected and all the teeth had to go. So a big Thank you to Dr. Garcia, Brandy, and Maressa over there!!!

Billie Colson, artist/owner of Independence Art Gallery, has already donated a pencil sketch of a beautiful cat to our event. THANK YOU! (My mom really wants this, it reminds her of our Dudley!)

Also thanks to Brittany and Kenny Oldham, just wow, they have helped so much and they baked an enormous amount of cupcakes for the bake sale and made the cutest holder for them.

Thank you, everyone! We couldn’t do it without all your love and support!

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