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August Newsletter

Our August Newsletter has arrived. Thanks for reading!

Ways to Help DP!

We’ve created a new section in the Whisker Chatter Blog called “How to Help.” There’s so many easy ways to help DP, without spending any money and by doing things you are already doing!

For example, did you know that every time you search the Internet using Good Search, we will receive a small donation?

Shop or search using iGive, and Duncan’s Place benefits! If you install the iGive Toolbar, you don’t even need to use the iGive site to shop. Any time you make a purchase at an iGive participating store (which includes big names such as Amazon.com, eBay, and 700 other retailers), we will receive a small donation.

So check out our new blog section and help us help the kitties!

September Update

Things are busy as usual, have 3 new little orphans they are so darn cute, smart, sweet, yummy. :) Call them the Three Amigos. They will be heading off to their foster family Monday, wish I could keep them longer, but they will do better with a more active home. They are a much needed shot of positive, I love them all but these guys got my heart going again with what I am trying to do with DP’s. Was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

We are getting a BOLT automatic laser toy–it “will have your cat pouncing, chasing & batting like never before.” Thanks to Brittany and Kenny for helping us get one of these, the kitties love lasers!!!

We have ‘inherited’ more kitties, so I have to really step things up to provide for more–the vaccine clinic next weekend and the benefit dinner on Oct. 3rd have to be successes!!! Might do a clinic in Windsor and Greeley per Arun’s suggestion/request. Hopefully we can cover costs and get out of medical debt again, with more kitties more surgeries, etc… And I thought I could take it easy for a bit! :) (more…)