Whisker Chatter

Another gift idea benefitting Duncan’s Place!

Hot of the press! Pumpkinpuddy has just finished editing his first book and is sharing the love with Duncan’s Place! We will receive 100% of the proceeds from all books purchased, so pick up your copy today, and grab a few more for your friends!

Summer at the Lake with Petie
Edited by Pumpkinpuddy

Help Duncan’s Place with your holiday Shopping!

edwardcoreycatsThe Edward Gorey Trust generously donated 3 fabulous laser cels to raise money for the kitties of Duncan’s Place. They are valued at about $50 a piece. Just in time for the holidays, you can have your own piece from an iconoclastic American artist for this very reasonable price, and support Duncan’s Place.

Laser Cels are a lithograph technology where the image is actually printed on industrial grade Mylar. Unlike traditional animation cels and paper, Mylar will not fade, chip, crack or deteriorate. This synthetic is immune to heat, light and moisture to guarantee you enjoy your images for years to come. Similar to its counterparts, images printed using this process still retain the same high quality and brilliant colors found in any animated cell.

To complete the presentation and further define each piece as collectible, the Laser Cell prints are mounted in a complimentary mat. The result is a limited edition, pre-matted print that excels in beauty and quality and is a wonderful, reliable way to collect art. A Hi-Definition Laser Cel is actually 2 Laser Cels, which are separated by a layer of foam core, joined together to create a unique 3D presentation. Each 8″x10″ Laser Cel comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We also have 10 large Orange Lubie Cats that need homes for the holidays!
They are valued at $25 a piece, and only available to rescues like ours. You may not have room for a real furry kitty, but don’t you need this guy?!


Contact Cathy today to get your kitties before they end up under someone else’s tree!