Happy Summer!

Hey there! So we had a banner adoption weekend here, Muffin, Boogey, Wesley, SweetPea, and Violet were all adopted. :) We took in 2 four week old kittens found taped inside a box outside of Wal-Mart…they are doing well and think they are big kitties, they run with Brandi’s adult cats and dog!!! We took in an injured and very hungry and dirty kitty from Skip at his trailer park–Petey is doing better, eating like a pig, and sweet as can be! His wounds are healing nicely and tolerated a bath pretty well. :)

We have another vaccine clinic coming up July 11 from 2-4 at JAX in Loveland, please let me know if you can help!!!

We will also be at the Bluegrass and Paws event in Old Town Fort Collins, 7/31 from noon to 8:30, a fun event and if you can help please do.

The last of the summer events is Pets and Vets, 8/21 at the Loveland dog park, again we need help!

Spring has Sprung at DPs!

homedepotThank you to the Loveland Home Depot, and Manager Eric Campbell, for donating the materials we need to build a fun outdoor enclosure for the kitties! We will also have a small shed to house our food pantry. Thank you!

Thank you also to Brandi for taking over medical operations, vaccine clinics, etc… Brandi has helped us all along with vaccine clinics and is also a vet tech, good friend, and good people. :)

There will be a new shelter challenge starting soon on the Animal Rescue Site, so please vote for us every day, who knows maybe we will win some money that way!

The Linnea Dick Memorial Pet Walk and Adopt-a-thon is coming up on June 5th and we need help with this great event. They will need help in running the walk so please think about that as well and tell people to come, it is a worthy cause and a lot of fun for the whole family!

The NOCO LOCO Cat Show is June 19. It is an all day event and we could use any and all help to make this another great event.

Thank you all for helping Duncan’s Place be such a great little rescue and resource center, so we can help keep pet with their families!

Latest Goings On and Thank Yous

We are now at 97 saved and 77 adopted. :)

We were invited to participate at Colorado State University’s annual Cat Care Conference. Thank you Dr. Lappin and CSU Student Chapter of the American Association of Feline Practitioners!!!

Thank you to Rose and Don Carrol for donating a sleeve of FVRCP vaccines. Rose is also a wonderful hair stylist and I highly recommend that everyone should go to her. She has done a wonderful job with me and hiding the gray hairs. :)

Judy Prins not only started our year off right by donating $500, but she also came out to help unload the second shipment of Merrick canned food, what a trooper and friend to both the kitties and I!!

Kenny and Brittany Knowles for helping in remodeling the house, since it looks like we will be home based for a bit longer, so might as well make it nice for both the human and the kitties, thank you.

Cat Kuhlman, the White family, Shange, for all your help in the laminate flooring project, man alive it was a lot of hard work, thank you and I owe you all BIG Time!!!

KONG Pet products donated a whooping amount of cardboard cat scratchers and toys for our kitties. They make wonderful dog toys as well!!! The cats were trying to steal toys as soon as I opened the box. :)

Yeowee Catnip toys gave us a huge box of their toys and many a pudkin are very happy while they await their forever homes!!

Avoderm pet foods has been very kind in donating cases of samples of their dry kibble for cats and kittens as well as a few bags of their foods and cans. Thank you Susan!!

D.O.G.S. (at Centerra) Christina, Felix, the whole family are wonderful not only to us both other groups, so please consider shopping with them, if they don’t have it they will get it for you. :)

Lumber Liquidators donated laminate flooring to Duncan’s, since the kitties need a better, cleaner household to live in, until forever homes are found, so thank you. The human loves not having to steam clean carpets any more, and Princess Buttercup and my Ainsley’s various allergies and asthma have decreased greatly!!

Idexx laboratories donated a box of FIV/FeLV/HW tests to us and also enrolled us on their shelter discount program, the box of tests usually costs us $500, so this was a major help in our medical care of our cats and kittens, since we test everyone!!!

If you did not hear, Merrick gave us another whooping 9 pallets of canned food!!! We distributed it to groups like Friends of Ferals, Pure Heat Rescue, Denkai, seniors in need, families that needed help and of course our kitties!! There are a lot of happy felines running around in NOCO and the Western Slope because of Merrick, THANK YOU!! We sent 2 pallets to a small group on the Western Slope and they are distributing to other small groups that don’t have too much help. So please think about feeding your pets this wonderful, high quality food, they make dog food as well. :)

Hagen pet products for the Cat it Fountains and pretty cool pink pet carriers, thank you!!

Domino’s Pizza on Eagle Dr. here in Loveland for donating pizza to feed the hungry workers with the laminate flooring.

Arte Pizza, yummy, and thank you!!

King Soopers on Eagle Dr. for donating a gift card to buy beverages, treats for the flooring project. :)

Drs. Foster and Smith for a $25 gift certificate.

Flower essences from

David Baehr for donating a microscope!! Wahoo we can do a lot of our own lab work, he donated a state of the art centrifuge to us a year ago and some really nice cages that we donated a few to Friends of Ferals!!

We have a lot of events coming up and can use your help with: the vaccine clinic next weekend at Jax here in Loveland, Paws on the Promenade (May), The Linnea Walk(June), NOCO LOCO Cat Show (June), our July vaccine clinic at JAX, and the Vets and Pets events this summer (Aug.)… so far!!! So please call or e-mail so we can have the much needed help in participating in these fun community events. We are also thinking about doing a barbecue some time in the summer to thank you all and of course raise money.

Right now it looks like Toons is the last original Duncan’s Place kitty that has not found her home yet, so let’s put out positive thoughts for her to be adopted, she is a cat’s cat and is pretty darn funny!!

So, I think that is all for now, but you never know with me and the wonderful luck and support we have gotten from so many!!

Good News Just Keeps On Comin’

Merrick Logo

We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers and donors! Here are just a few of the many we need to thank…

We hope our readers will help support these cat-friendly businesses:

Merrick Pet Foods for yet another huge food donation, with a whopping retail value of $140,000! WHOA! THANK YOU!

Lumber Liquidators for new flooring, much healthier for the kitties than carpet

Home Depot for construction supplies to build an outdoor cat run, to keep our kitties happy and safe

IDEXX Laboratories for heartworm and FIV/FeLV tests to make sure our kitties are healthy

Avoderm/Breeder’s Choice for food donations to keep our kitties healthy and well-fed

Thank you all so much!

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