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Eat Out for the Kitties!

Help the kitties of Duncan’s Place just by eating out!

otbOn the Border restaurant in Loveland, located in the Promenade Shops at Centerra at I-25 & Hwy 34, will be hosting a give back night for Duncan’s Place:

November 30
3-10 pm

They’ll be donating 10% of all dinner checks to the kitties! Wow! I’ll go have dinner and a marg, for sure.

Hot Summer Deals at DPs!

Duncan’s Place has designed a new face for fundraising! No longer will we spend more on fundraising than we bring in, no more will we spend countless hours getting nothing in return, and no more will we beg you for money at every turn.

Instead, thanks to an innovative friend of Duncan’s Place, we have come up with an alternative plan to raise funds, put smiles on your faces, and keep our fundraising efforts low key and manageable. So, what is the plan, you ask?

Ryan Peters is a friend of Duncan’s Place and she is also an Avon Representative. Now how does this help? Well, Avon has a very lucrative fundraising program that requires minimal time commitment, large financial rewards, and puts a smile on your face and a product in your hand!

Duncan’s Place has the opportunity to earn 40% of every ’sale’ using the attached flier at the end of this e-mail. We have chosen the Skin So Soft Bug Guard flier for our first fundraiser and we believe that this is the perfect time of year for it!

Skin So Soft Bug Guard is amazing! There are multiple types; Disappearing Color for the kids, Gentle Breeze for the adults, Expedition for you active folks, all with Sunscreen and Bug Repellent, and straight Bug Spray with Picaridin (the deet level of protection without the deet!).

Although not endorsed by Avon, horse owners have been known to google about their successes in using Bug Guard Spray with Picaridin to repel ticks, mites, midges, and mosquito. These formulas are long wearing and safe for persons of ALL ages; you should be protected all summer long!

On the Duncan’s Place Bug Guard Flier, you can see that there is a special deal for Duncan’s Place customers. We can order 2 for $12 (and NO TAX) on all Skin So Soft Bug Sprays/Sunscreen products and Duncan’s Place will earn 40% per order!

That means if we ’sell’ $1500 worth, we earn $600; this is an awesome deal and there is no minimum or maximum. We are super excited to get the word out about this fundraiser and we hope you’ll help, too! Our fundraising goal is: $6000. This means we take home $2,400 for the kitties!!

Please consider e-mailing the flier to your friends and family or printing it off and taking it to your work, networking meeting, kid’s soccer game, school, etc… The fundraiser runs from July 1 – July 31 and all orders and payments are due to Cathy Campbell by July 31, 2010! Please make out your check(s) to Duncan’s Place and if you’d like to pay by credit card, please plan to give your credit card information to Cathy as soon as possible.

We are also offering an incentive to those who help Duncan’s Place reach our fundraising goal: we have massages, products, and tons of goodies (and kitties…kidding!)!! Just contact Cathy to get more details.

So, instead of begging for handouts, we are putting much needed and usable products into your hands and still reaping the rewards! Yay for us! If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Campbell at duncansplace at yahoo dotcom or Ryan Peters at msryansavon at gmail dotcom.

Thanks for your help; you make the difference in the lives of so many furry felines!

Spring has Sprung at DPs!

homedepotThank you to the Loveland Home Depot, and Manager Eric Campbell, for donating the materials we need to build a fun outdoor enclosure for the kitties! We will also have a small shed to house our food pantry. Thank you!

Thank you also to Brandi for taking over medical operations, vaccine clinics, etc… Brandi has helped us all along with vaccine clinics and is also a vet tech, good friend, and good people. :)

There will be a new shelter challenge starting soon on the Animal Rescue Site, so please vote for us every day, who knows maybe we will win some money that way!

The Linnea Dick Memorial Pet Walk and Adopt-a-thon is coming up on June 5th and we need help with this great event. They will need help in running the walk so please think about that as well and tell people to come, it is a worthy cause and a lot of fun for the whole family!

The NOCO LOCO Cat Show is June 19. It is an all day event and we could use any and all help to make this another great event.

Thank you all for helping Duncan’s Place be such a great little rescue and resource center, so we can help keep pet with their families!

Help the kitties–become a foster parent!

We are always looking out for loving foster homes for our kitties. It’s fun!

Here is one of our fabulous foster moms:

Don’t you have a little extra space for a homeless kitty?

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