Volunteer News

Good Work!

On the follow up calls and e-mails that we do to make sure that everything is going okay, and to see if the new parents have questions or concerns, we get high marks!

They all express how much they love their new additions and how wonderful our cats are, so good work!

Even our semi-feral Kitty Boy is actually becoming a family pet, so yeah, team!!!

Doing Right by Our Kitties

I have had 4 people this last week say to me that they saw the name Duncan’s Place and automatically thought of how much heart we have and how we must be on a shoestring budget but are doing right by our kitty friends.

So that helps and we should be proud that these people think that of our little rescue and have offered to help and have sent coupons and other items to help out. So we must be reaching people that appreciate the hard work and love we put into our cats, and I hope we always maintain this and continue to move forward!!!

So thank you for all your hard work and I and obviously others appreciate what you have helped create! :)