The Joys of an Adult Cat

So many people want kittens. Please consider the following!

A kitten is only a kitten for a short time period.

Older cats often adjust quickly and easily to new situations, walking in like “been there, done that.”
Older cats don’t climb your curtains or run the Indy 500 in the middle of the night
Older cats are more affectionate – the older they get, often the more lap time they want.
Older cats have developed a good immune system.
Older cats have a stronger stomach tolerance and don’t get the upsets as easily as kittens.
Older cats don’t require constant supervision – kittens do.
Older cats are TRULY appreciative that YOU have deemed them worthy of love – kittens will love everyone.

People think they are going to get a kitten and then ‘train’ it to be just so – not so – Each meezer’s personality is unique. With Older cats, you can get an idea of what that personality is like beforehand. We have these older cats in our homes, we can tell you whether they scratch the furniture, jump on the counters, like dogs, yowl at night. With a kitten, you won’t know this for several years.

Most folks call and ask for kittens, so we don’t see as many kittens. The shelters can place kittens, and owners aren’t likely to give up something they just got. We see the most wonderful, most loving, most appreciative, often laid back young adult/middle aged/older cats. Yes, with Rescue, sometimes they come with some emotional baggage. There truly are a number of special needs older cats – wouldn’t you be insecure if you had been moved out of your home and left alone by your family? But I TRULY, 100% believe that these cats KNOW when they are in a temporary situation and when they are in a permanent situation, and when they arrive in your home, after the Initial ‘newness’ of it wears off and they know you are going to love, honor and obey them (let’s not forget that ‘obey’, this is critical with meezers), they will give you such joy and companionship and unconditional love, be it for 3 years or 13 years, that it makes the reasons for living and loving all the more obvious.