Good things keep happenin’!

Taffy got adopted by his foster mom. :)

Petunia got adopted with Diva. :) They love each other to pieces, Toons playing mom and all with the little one. Their new mommy has messaged me every day reporting their progress and how much she loves them.

So yippee, Gracie is the last of the original DP kitties, she is healing well, probably will be scarred though, but I tell her she is beautiful and she is okay with that.

We also helped another family over in Greeley–a stray found them and someone pulled its claws out with pliers(!) :( They already had 3 cats and couldn’t afford the expense of more food, etc. so Highland Hills told them about us and we helped them with the food, litter, and anything else they would need to keep him. So another kitty off the streets and with good people!!!

Saki, one of our death row rescues from Colorado Springs, got adopted by a great family. Yay Saki and her fosters Mike and Karen!!

Tiki got adopted by a great family! They love him and he loves them, so yay!!

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