Whisker Chatter

Happy Summer!

Hey there! So we had a banner adoption weekend here, Muffin, Boogey, Wesley, SweetPea, and Violet were all adopted. :) We took in 2 four week old kittens found taped inside a box outside of Wal-Mart…they are doing well and think they are big kitties, they run with Brandi’s adult cats and dog!!! We took in an injured and very hungry and dirty kitty from Skip at his trailer park–Petey is doing better, eating like a pig, and sweet as can be! His wounds are healing nicely and tolerated a bath pretty well. :)

We have another vaccine clinic coming up July 11 from 2-4 at JAX in Loveland, please let me know if you can help!!!

We will also be at the Bluegrass and Paws event in Old Town Fort Collins, 7/31 from noon to 8:30, a fun event and if you can help please do.

The last of the summer events is Pets and Vets, 8/21 at the Loveland dog park, again we need help!