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Natural Balance Customers–Help DPs just by feeding your pets!

Save your UPCs and receipts and help DP!

Save your UPCs and receipts and help DP!

Here’s how you can help our kitties with very little effort and doing something you already do…

Cut out the UPC code from Natural BalanceĀ® bagged food, cases of canned food, or 2.5 lb or 4 lb rolls and attach it to the register receipt as a proof-of-purchase.

Then just donate the UPC and receipt to your Duncan’s Place–it’s just like donating money. When we have collected 50 UPC codes, we will receive a check from the Natural Balance company.

Easy, huh? Please tell all your friends, and start helping us help the kitties today!

DP’s Second Low-cost Vaccine Clinic

When: September 12, 2009, starting at 10 am

Duncan’s Place with the help of Dr. “R” from Mountianwood Pet Hospital will be at Mirasol Senior Community Center (1153 Finch St., Loveland, CO 80537, 970-663-1300).

We will be offering a limited number of vaccines, so it is a first come, first served basis. Please have your pets properly restrained, dogs on leashes and cats in carriers, we will be outside on a shaded patio away from traffic, but still have your pets restrained! Also if your pet had a previous allergic reaction or you are afraid of allergic reaction please contact your veterinarian before getting you pet vaccinated.

We will be offering nail trims as well for $5 for both cats and dogs
Microchipping: $25–includes registration for both cats and dogs.

No hidden fees or disposable fees, quick exam also comes with vaccines!!!


Many thanks to Gayle Hoebermann for her donation that has allowed us to acquire some Duncan’s Place t-shirts. Thank you, Gayle!

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

Want one?

These cute white shirts are $15 + $2 shipping.


Thank you!

Recycle for Cats!

Save the kitties while saving the planet! Its a win-win!

Save the kitties while saving the planet! It's a win-win!

Did you know you can save the Earth and save kitties at the same time?

We participate in Recycle for Pets, in which we receive cash for empty laser and inkjet cartridges, used cell phones, laptops, PDAs, GPS systems, and iPods.

Don’t throw it out–donate it to the kitties!

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